Code of Business Conduct

Our Code of Business Conduct sets out our minimum expectations for all colleagues, wherever we are based. Our Code brings together three things to keep us safe.

The Law
At the heart of our Code is the simple principle that we always follow the law. The trust of our customers and other stakeholders depends on our reputation as a law-abiding business.

Our Ways of Working
To make sure we follow the law, we have developed nine ways of working, supported by our parent company – Keller Group policies, to provide us with a protective layer of information, guidance and support to ensure that we know how the rules apply to us.

Our Values
Integrity. Collaboration. Excellence.

Beyond the law and our ways of working, we must always be guided by Keller’s values. Our values can guide us when we make difficult decisions. They ensure that we do the right thing for our colleagues, customers, shareholders and communities, often going further than the letter of the law and our ways of working.

Our Nine Ways of Working

  1. Keeping everyone healthy and safe
    We believe no one should be harmed as a result of any work we do – so everyone stays safe and well.
  2. Supporting employees’ rights and diversity
    We value, support and protect the rights and dignity of the individual and the diversity of our people – so we are all treated with respect.
  3. Maintaining ethical and honest behavior
    We are always honest, act with integrity and comply with the law – so everyone trusts us.
  4. Staying free from bribery and corruption
    We always make sure we are free from bribery and corruption – so people know our decisions are made for the right reasons.
  5. Keeping our communications open and responsible
    We communicate openly, honestly, clearly and responsibly.
  6. Delivering excellent customer service and working with our suppliers to ensure our standards are adhered to
    We work to meet our customers’ needs and exceed their expectations – so they work with us again and again.
  7. Working within the community
    We act responsibly and respectfully towards the communities we work in – because we are part of them.
  8. Protecting our environment
    We respect and protect the environment, and minimize our impact on it – so we safeguard the future.
  9. Standing up for what’s right
    We always speak up when we believe our ways of working are being undermined – so we uphold our ways of working together.

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