Suncoast History

Based in Houston, Texas, Suncoast Post-Tension is the nation’s largest unbonded post-tension company.

Suncoast Timeline:

  • 1983 – Official incorporate of Suncoast Post-Tension, Inc.
  • 1991 – Suncoast enters elevated structures market with new commercial division
  • 1994 – Suncoast is acquired by Travis International and merged into De Ro/Suncoast, Inc.
  • 1995 – Austin Branch formed through the acquisition of Cable Systems
  • 1996 – Suncoast performed first international project with the construction of Jockey Plaza Shopping Mall in Lima, Peru
  • 1996 – Phoenix Branch is formed
  • 1997 – Los Angeles Branch is formed through acquisition of MD Steel
  • 1998 – San Francisco Branch is formed
  • 1998 – Washington DC Branch is formed
  • 1998 – Miami Division is formed through acquisition of VSL Corporation
  • 1998 – Suncoast is recognized as the largest supplier of unbonded post-tensioning materials in U.S. with nine office locations.
  • 2001 – Now the Nation’s leader in post-tension supply, Suncoast is acquired by The Keller Group, PLC

Today, Suncoast Post-Tension maintains a network of best-in-class, PTI-Certified facilities strategically located from coast-to-coast to ensure customers receive quality materials on time.


The Keller Group

The Keller Group is a worldwide specialty contractor in ground improvements, refurbishment projects, and, with the acquisition of Suncoast Post-Tension, post-tensioning systems. The company is the leading international ground-engineering specialist with over 10,000 employees operating in more than 40 countries across the globe.