Keller Group

Since 2001, Suncoast has benefited from the support of our corporate parent, Keller Group. The Keller Group is the world’s largest geotechnical solutions specialist.

Keller Group | Suncoast Post-Tension

The Company’s products and services are used across the construction sector in infrastructure, industrial, residential, commercial and environmental projects. With over 10,000 employees operating in more than 40 countries across the globe, Keller Group has the expertise to manage the most demanding projects worldwide.

The Keller Group has contributed to a number of iconic buildings, including:

  •  British Museum (UK)
  •  Olympic Stadium (UK)
  • Palm Islands Jumeirah and Deira (UAE)
  • Cologne Metro (Germany)
  • Vienna Museum District (Austria)
  • Saudi Kayan Petrochemical Complex (Saudi Arabia)
  • National Stadium, Warsaw (Poland)
  • Port of Huelva (Spain)
  • Amsterdam Central Station (Netherlands)
  • Oued Harka Dam (Tunisia)
  • Crossrail (UK),
  • City Tunnel Leipzig (Germany)
  • Rome Metro Extension (Italy)

Suncoast & Keller Group

With added support from the Keller Group, we actively invest in R&D to address challenges in the field and develop performance-enhancing systems such as our BCEB barrier cable component. Additionally, Keller Group empowers our ever-improving safety standards through our Think Safe and Stop Work Authority Programs.

From Keller Group’s geotechnical team to Suncoast’s engineers, we are the world’s premier problem-solving ground engineering and foundation experts.