Post-Tension Safety Leaders

Suncoast is one of the few post-tension providers with a dedicated safety department. Starting with the leadership team and extending throughout the company, safety is a priority.

Dedicated Safety Department

Our dedicated safety department has an established policy and manual, helping to maintain safe operations across the nation, and within our best-in-class PTI-certified manufacturing facilities. Since establishing the safety department, Suncoast has reduced reported incidents dramatically.

Across the company, Suncoast is committed to safety, both in our manufacturing and operations facilities and at our customers’ project work sites. Our safety director manages the in-house safety program, supported by established policies and initiatives, such as automating dangerous fabrication lines work, which resulted in a dramatic reduction in reported incidents. These proprietary manufacturing processes not only minimize incidents, but also increase rate of production.

Our executive team is committed to the protection of the environment and the health and safety of its employees, customers, and neighbors. This commitment is nationally embraced and ensures we provide a safe work environment. Our entire management team realizes our employees’ safety is our number one priority.

Our Safety Goal
The construction industry in which all of our businesses operate poses significant safety challenges, but we do not accept that people will inevitably be injured while working for us or with us. Our ultimate goal is to have zero incidents through the effective management of safety in all our operations.

Our Safety Principles
Underpinning this goal are three fundamental Safety Principles:

  • All incidents are preventable
    We believe that all injuries and occupational illnesses are preventable. We are all responsible for preventing and correcting unsafe behavior or work conditions.
  • No repeat occurrences
    Reportable accidents and high potential near misses are investigated to determine the details and causes. The findings and necessary steps to prevent recurrence are disseminated and implemented.
  • Maintain Safety Standards
    We have adopted a common set of safety standards throughout the Group. Management at all levels is responsible for implementing and enforcing these standards.

Our objective is to prevent injury to our employees, learning from past incidents through encouraging an open, blame-free culture for better safety management and to attain our “zero incidents” goal.

STOP WORK AUTHORITY Program – STOP any work that is UNSAFE
For these principles to be most effective, it is everyone’s responsibility to look out for fellow workers and speak up when observing unsafe activity. Everyone has the authority to stop work until it is safe without the risk of repercussions.

These Safety Principles define our safety culture, behaviors and performance standards, and, in so doing, assist us in our progress towards eliminating injuries in our workplace.

Look out for others

Speak up about unsafe activity

Stop work until it’s safe

Our Safety Policy
Our managers and supervisors are accountable for the safety of our people and are expected to provide effective leadership in safety. Management of every business or operation is responsible for following the Safety Principles and implementing and maintaining the Safety Standards. We set appropriate objectives against which to monitor progress toward zero incidents. All employees are responsible for good safety behavior and it is only by working together and recognizing that we all have a part to play in safety that we will really make a difference.