Suncoast Post-Tension

Past and Present

Founded in 1983, Suncoast Post-Tension first began serving residential and commercial builders in Houston, Texas. By the time The Keller Group, PLC, acquired it in 2001, Suncoast Post-Tension had already grown to become the nation’s leader in post-tension supply. Today, Suncoast Post-Tension operates nine Post-Tensioning Institute Certified Plant ™ facilities from coast to coast, giving us the unique ability to provide a secure source of supply as the world’s largest supplier of PT materials for buildings and foundations.

The Keller Group

The Keller Group is a worldwide specialty contractor in ground improvements, refurbishment projects, and, with the acquisition of Suncoast Post-Tension, post-tensioning systems. The Keller Group is the leading international ground-engineering specialist with 4,000 employees operating in more than 30 countries across the globe.

Suncoast Quality Commitment

Because Suncoast Post-Tension is so committed to excellence and quality, we continually maintain company-wide participation in the PTI Certified Plants and PTI Field Certification programs. In addition, because of the technical expertise required in the post-tensioning suppliers industry, Suncoast employs a full staff of professional engineers who specialize in structural design, value engineering, cost estimating, and analytical study. Together with our post-tension technicians, our professional engineers provide a wealth of knowledge and experience in post-tensioning.

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