Elevated Structure Post-Tension

As the largest unbonded post-tension specialist in America, Suncoast is the national provider with a local presence. We serve the commercial and residential construction industry, offering rapid response, technical support and highly rated, custom fabricated post-tensioning materials. And our extensive manufacturing footprint and nine PTI-certified facilities help to ensure our customers’ reliable materials supply.

End-to-End Problem Solvers

We have the drive, experience and horsepower to optimize every step of the way —adding value for our customers by proactively recognizing opportunities to increase efficiency and reduce risk.


Elevated Structures Applications

Suncoast provides a number of Elevated Structure products and services, including external post-tension reinforcement systems, cast-in-place structures (parking garages) and encapsulated anchorages and its available variations. Our experience in design, production, installation, testing and repair of Elevated Structure post-tension is unparalleled — and as such we manufacture leaner, faster and more cost effectively.


Engineering Specialists

We have a comprehensive team of in-house engineering talent with diverse skill sets, plus highly trained detailers and project managers that are led by our professional, degreed engineers. Our experienced team can evaluate structure drawings and analyze coordination and sequencing, helping to prevent potential construction challenges and avoid costly delays.