Post-Tensioned Elevated Floor Systems

With Prestressed, Post-Tensioned Concrete

Suncoast Post-Tension: Trusted Supplier for Elevated Floor Systems

Builders across the country turn to Suncoast Post-Tension for post-tensioning materials in elevated floor systems to create the most cost effective solutions for even the most challenging architectural designs. Suncoast Post-Tension offers complete bonded and unbonded post-tensioning services and materials for any kind of elevated floor system.

What Is an Elevated Slab?

An elevated slab is a raised concrete floor that uses post-tension, and can be held up by building columns and walls as opposed to support beams. Because they don’t require support beams, the elevated slab design isn’t as rigid, and can facilitate some flexibility in the concrete slab perimeter.

elevated concrete slab design

Benefits of Post-tensioning in Elevated Floor Systems

Post-tensioning provides unique advantages to the builder. In elevated floor system applications, Suncoast Post-Tension can provide post-tensioning that:

  • Is strong and stiff – Post-tensioning provides a virtually crack-free concrete floor slab design that provides improved structural performance.
  • Is more cost-effective – Because elevated floor systems using post-tensioning can be thinner, the builder uses less material, less labor, and can even save on other building materials by reducing the overall structure height through reduced floor-to-floor thickness. Post-tensioning in elevated floor systems also lets the builder use fewer columns for more open spaces.
  • Is more time-efficient – The speed and ease of elevated floor system construction with post-tensioning can help builders complete a project faster.

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