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Suncoast Post-Tension: the Leader in Post-tension Slab-on-Ground Supply

The most common application for post-tensioning is slab-on-ground foundations, primarily in residential, single- or multi-family home projects. Since its inception, Suncoast Post-Tension has been a post-tension cable supplier of materials and post-tension services to well over 1.5 million slab-on-ground foundations.

What Is a Post-Tension Slab Foundation?

A post tension foundation is a concrete slab that is reinforced with steel cables that have been placed under approximately 33,000 pounds of tension. Post-tension cables make the tension cable foundation much stronger than concrete without reinforcement. A post-tension cable foundation helps reduce concrete cracking.

Types of Slabs-on-ground Slabs and Projects

The kind of post-tension slab foundation that is right for your project is highly dependent on your jobsite’s soil conditions. To make this determination, a geotechnical engineer will provide a report on jobsite soil characteristics. These findings will help you determine which foundation is most suitable for your jobsite:

  • Thin, flat post-tension slab – Used on non-expansive, stable soils
  • Ribbed post-tension foundation – A design with down-turned ribs that extend into the soil to lend added stability for more volatile soil conditions
  • Uniform thickness post-tension cable foundation – A thicker variation for the most severe soil conditions

Post-tensioned slab-on-ground foundations are used in a variety of building projects, including:

The post-tension cables are under extreme pressure, and could tear out of the slab if cut. Use an experienced concrete scanning service if work needs to be done on your post-tension foundation in the future.

post-tension foundation

Benefits of Post-Tension Slab-on-ground

Post-tensioning in slab-on-ground foundations offers a number of significant advantages over other reinforcement methods. Suncoast Post-Tension provides builders with post-tensioning that:

  • Is strong and stiff to minimize cracking and improve the integrity of the slab.
  • Is cost-efficient through reduction of materials and labor needed for the reinforced foundation.
  • Is resistant to environmental risks, such as clay or highly expansive/collapsible soils.
  • Helps to prevent water penetration and insect infestation through the post-tension slab design.

Building sites that cover a large surface area are especially prone to concrete cracking. If soil conditions are poor, concrete slabs are at an even greater risk of deterioration. Post-tension slab on ground foundations spread the load of a home or building over a wider area to avoid cracking, and replace the costs of having to reinforce the foundation through other means.

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