Post-Tensioned Reinforcements For Sports Courts & Industrial Floors

With Prestressed, Post-Tensioned Concrete

Superior performance, minimal maintenance and reductions in initial and lifetime costs have created a demand for post-tensioned reinforcements for commercial concrete applications such as sports courts, industrial floors, storage yards, distribution facilities, parking areas and more.

Benefits of Post-Tensioning

Suncoast Post-Tension provides commercial spaces such as these with the unique benefits of post-tensioning:

  • Reduced potential for cracking
  • Increased capacity for heavy and repetitive loads
  • Reduction or elimination of control joints for super-flat, high-tolerance floors
  • Faster installation time due to reduction of control joints
  • Reduced time required to use the stressed slab for completion of remaining construction

You can realize these benefits of improved economies and performance with the help of Suncoast Post-Tension for your next project. We can provide the materials, stressing equipment, field services, engineering and detailing needed to accomplish your commercial post-tension slab-on-ground project in a timely and cost-saving manner.

For more information about Suncoast Post-Tension or slab-on-ground post-tensioning in commercial spaces, call us at 800-847-8886 or email us.