Structural Strengthening & Adaptive Reuse

For Prestressed, Post-Tensioned Concrete

Despite misconceptions that post-tensioned structures cannot be modified by post-tensioning companies, Suncoast Post-Tension has the expertise to work with you to strengthen your existing foundation in order to increase load carrying capacity, or to execute new openings and modifications to a post-tensioned slab. Suncoast’s engineers and post-tension experts can carefully plan and develop a structural strengthening or adaptive reuse solution to help you safely and effectively achieve your goal.

Suncoast Post-Tension can help you:

  • Increase your structure’s load carrying capacity by placing external post-tensioning reinforcements.
  • Resolve an existing deficiency within the structure.
  • Safely create new openings in a post-tensioned slab, for things such as atriums, stairwells or elevators.
  • Execute a controlled demolition of a structure.

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