Concrete Cutting, Coring, Drilling, Scanning Services

from Suncoast Post-Tension

Suncoast Post-Tension’s expert staff can assist you with planning the best approach to your next project.
We offer a wide array of commercial, industrial and residential services spanning from concrete curb cutting, diesel flat sawing, electric flat sawing and core drilling to the latest technology in scanning, 3-D imaging and Ferro scanning.

We have the concrete cutting and coring expertise and capability to serve your needs in both conventional and unconventional applications such as:

  • residential and commercial driveway entrances
  • ADA ramps
  • parking lot modifications
  • access ramps
  • concrete bridge parapet sawing and chopping
  • and more…

Concrete Cutting Services

post-tension slab cutting

Cutting Post-tension Concrete Slab

Cutting post-tension slab or drilling into post-tension concrete is not a simple process. Our expert staff can engineer a plan for post-tension slab drilling and cutting that will meet your needs – whatever they may be.

Our capabilities also apply to cutting concrete slab that isn’t post-tensioned, so feel free to utilize our industrial concrete cutting services for whatever your circumstances require.

Concrete Flat Sawing

Concrete flat sawing will typically use a diamond blade mounted on a walk behind machine. We use this application to cut horizontal surfaces. We offer flat concrete cutting services with both diesel, and electric slab saws to suit your environment.

Our common applications for this concrete cutting service include:

  • Cutting concrete floors
  • Cutting post-tension concrete floors
  • Trenching
  • Cutting expansion/control joints

These applications serve to level cracks for repair, remove sections of concrete for demolition, remove damaged concrete, and flatten damaged concrete slabs.

Concrete Curb Cutting Services

Most communities require that licensed contractors provide curb cutting services. Curb cutting may be necessary for residential and commercial driveway entrances, parking lot modifications, or ADA ramps.

Concrete Scanning

We are able to provide Ferro scanning and 3D-imaging with our concrete cutting services that need to account for post-tension cable material and other sensitive embeds.

Concrete Coring Services

Our concrete coring services use a diamond cutting drill for coring out perfectly round holes. Because of our diamond cutting drill, our concrete coring services are non-percussive and will maintain structural integrity and minimize cosmetic damage if the project requires it.

We are able to perform concrete coring for in ceilings, walls, or floors for many applications, including utility penetrations, man-holes, vaults, etc.

Because of the sensitivity of possibly embedded material, we perform concrete scanning services before drilling occurs in most instances.

post-tension slab drilling

Concrete Drilling Services

We offer concrete drilling for high-precision jobs, and we cater to a range of diameters depending on the task at hand. Our concrete drilling can accommodate a variety of applications, such as utility penetrations, holes for embedded lighting fixtures, and more.

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