Discover how advanced PT products and services made the Porche Tower’s Radial Layout Possible.

Suncoast recently contributed their post-tensioning expertise to the construction of the Porsche Design Tower to stabilize each level of the 60-story building in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida. Suncoast’s combination of engineering talent and service excellence helped increase safety and efficiencies and reduce risk in this high profile project.

Application: High Rise Post-Tensioning

Location: Miami Beach, Florida

Services: Engineering Services, Field Services

Products: Post-Tension, SRS Stud Reinforcement System, Barrier Cable, Cutting, Coring

Post-Tension Quantity: 1.25M lbs PT; 6,700 SRS®


Suncoast’s proprietary SRS® package and post-tensioning tendons were used to reinforce the Porche Design Tower, the 60-story, $560-million residential condominium. Nestled in the heart of Sunny Isles Beach, Florida, the Porche Tower will include the first automated vehicle elevator parking system used in a private condominium project in the US.

This project posed multiple challenges; a workable concrete pour sequence was needed for the building’s three core areas, at a rate of one floor per six days. To satisfy this rapid schedule, the team placed each elevator/stair core in a separate pour on each floor, then used interior stressing blockouts for stressing portions of the banded ring beam tendons. This enabled the setting of complex vertical formwork in segment one; the slab reinforcing, Suncoast SRS® and PT to be set in segment two; and slab formwork to be placed in segment three – enabling all trades to work every day during the floor cycle.

Unbonded PT System Benefits:

  • Efficient and cost effective reinforcement
  • Allows for reduced slab thickness
  • Enables lower overall building height
  • Improved deflection control

Reliable Reinforcement, Revolutionary Design

Suncoast SRS® package includes carbon steel and factory-welded Nelson Punching Shear Resistor studs, used in the flat-reinforced concrete slabs and footings in the Porche Design Tower.

  • Punching sheer resistance can replace or supplement stirrups, drop panels or column capitals

Suncoast’s unbonded post-tensioning system provides an efficient and cost-effective reinforcing system for elevated slabs. For the Porche Design Tower, Suncoast provided 1.25M lbs of encapsulated PT materials and 6,700 pieces of SRS.