Suncoast’s patented Barrier Cable Embed Bracket® (BCEB) streamlines the installation process while ensuring accurate location of anchorages – every time. Suncoast’s BCEB offers an efficient, attractive and cost-effective anchorage system for ensuring that the required spacing and alignment of the cables are achieved every time. Installing individual anchorages, especially in heavily reinforced columns, is difficult and time consuming.

Barrier Cable systems eliminate the need for concrete walls, allowing the design team to improve visibility, promote energy efficiency by reducing the need for artificial lighting and provide the secure and safe protection needed for both vehicles and pedestrians. High-strength prestressing strands, galvanized to provide a uniform appearance and long-term protection from the elements, are connected to structural elements using a variety of secure connection anchorages depending upon the application and field condition that may occur.

Suncoast’s BCEB was specifically designed to simplify the installation process and ensure that the specified spacing and alignment are achieved for each cable; it can be manufactured to fit any height system, number of cables and spacing requirements.