Post-Tension Engineering Expertise

Suncoast has a deep bench of experienced, diverse engineering talent, who support our customers and their projects, increasing efficiency, safety and profitability. With in-house R&D, we address our customers’ challenges in the field by developing and innovating products. Our talented team of engineers helps to increase the efficiency and safety of projects, ensuring drawings are correct, gaps have been identified and final drawings are complete. Beyond assisting with drawings, Suncoast engineers can support the design, production, installation, stressing and repair of any unbonded post-tension structure.

Engineering Staff

Suncoast has a more depth and breadth of engineering talent than other post-tension companies, with multiple professional engineers on staff, supported by a team of post-tension technicians who work under licensed professional engineers using state-of-the art engineering and CAD software.

We can provide our clients with field placement drawings that minimize interference between materials and maximize field labor efficiency. We employ proprietary data to enhance and complete field installation drawings. Suncoast can optimize your existing design for the most efficient use of post-tensioning materials, concrete, conventional reinforcing steel and formwork.


  • Preparation of post-tension design
  • Preparation of field installation drawings for post-tensioning, head stud reinforcing and barrier cable
  • Value engineering
  • Cost estimating
  • Pour layout and sequencing
  • Strengthening of existing structures using external post-tensioning
  • Modification of post-tensioning systems in existing structures
  • Solutions including bonded and unbonded strand systems

Suncoast Engineering Applications

Suncoast engineering services span numerous applications, including:

  • External post-tension reinforcement systems
  • Cast-in-place structures (parking garages)
  • Encapsulated anchorages
  • Remote service available