Post-Tension Material Supply

Suncoast is your one-stop resource for all foundation construction needs. Our capabilities allow us to offer all foundation reinforcing requirements – from one source. From coast to coast, our Suncoast manufacturing facilities are strategically placed to ensure the timely supply of materials regardless of environmental delays or logistical challenges.

Post-Tensioning Components

Suncoast has the capacity to offer our post-tensioning products and services to residential, commercial, industrial and custom projects across the United States and beyond. With fabrication facilities across the Nation, Suncoast has the resources to supply projects, small to large.

Our packages can be customized to meet client needs. General packages typically include variations of the following –


Slab-on-Ground Post-Tension Packages include: cable pack + hardware and accessories


  • Cable Package Items:
    • ½” 270k post tension strand
    • Anchors
    • Wedges
    • Pocket formers
    • Cat heads
    • Support chairs
    • Rebar – straight 20’ stock, corner bars, stirrups
  • Accessories:
    • Poly, anchor bolts, mudsills, 20d nails, tie wire, bar ties, hurricane straps, poly tape, mastic


High Rise Post-Tension Packages include: cable pack + hardware and accessories

  • Post-tension strand
  • Anchors
  • Pocket formers
  • Support chairs (in some markets)
  • Wedges

Conventional Reinforcement – Rebar

In addition to post-tensioning materials and fabrication, we excel in conventional reinforcement. Suncoast meets your project needs and saves both material requirements and installations time by utilizing state-of-the-art rebar material handling and fabrication equipment for making spirals, complicated 3-plane bends using automatic computer programmed shear lines and long-bars with hooks at each end to eliminate lap-splices.

As customers receive jobs to bid, they request a reinforcing and accessories bid from our expert staff to include with their submission. Once the project has been awarded, we visit the job site to measure beams and execute the order into production

  • Fabrication and delivery
  • Completed shop drawings
  • Dedicated project management and site visits
  • Beam measurement

Construction Supply

Beyond Post-Tension, in our Austin, Phoenix and San Antonio markets, we offer convenient construction supplies for sale at competitive prices in retail stores and viewable online. Items available include power, cordless and hand tools, industry project and jobsite supplies, concrete and masonry materials, both raw and fabricated accessories plus safety equipment. Visit your local store to browse our inventory today!

Post-Tension Components

Suncoast offers more than the post-tension cables. We will design a customized system to meet the specific needs of your project. In addition to supporting components, we offer our proprietary Suncoast Stud Reinforcement System (SRS) and patented Barrier Cable Embed Bracket (BCEB).